projected CCTV footage analysis cost reduction


projected increase in footage analysis speed

Self-Learning AI built to become smarter with time

Why AI?

No one really wants to watch the inside of a sewer pipe for hours on end. Why make humans spend hours watching the CCTV inspection videos when an AI can help?

Designed to minimise the tedious manual analysis of sewer inspection footage, our AI automatically detects and classifies common pipe faults, learning and improving over time.

With the AI doing the repetitive parts of the job, you can focus on the tasks where only human expertise will do.

Who is it for?

Pipe Infrastructure Owners

Inspect more of your sewer infrastructure faster to identify which pipes need repair. Reduce your compliance risks and inspection costs.

CCTV Inspection Firms

Rapidly increase the productivity and efficiency of your CCTV inspections. Inspect more at a fraction of the cost.

Our Team

Viacheslav Moskalenko

Co-Founder, Director and CTO

Elena Lysyuk

Co-Founder, Director and CСO

Mykola Zaretskyi

Data Scientist

Viktor Lysyuk

Co-Founder, Director

Alona Moskalenko

Data Scientist

Artem Korobov

Data Scientist

Andrii Panych

Data Processing Engineer

Anton Kudrjavtsev

Software Engineer

We are supported by the Space3ac powered by Poland Prize accelerator

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